A world of Bunnies
A world of Bunnies
52weeksofcute: Oh my gosh, I just found your blog and I've over-loaded with the cuteness. Your rabbits are adorable, some of them are lion-heads, right? I've always wanted one ^^ My rabbit is just a mixed breed but gorgeous nonetheless ^^

I only have one lionhead! :) (and two teddy widders) The others are probably just ‘breedless’ :3

northvayne: Which kind of bunnies are the friendliest? I want to adopt one and raise one thats not gonna bite me at least not all the time.

Every kind of bunny is friendly! Go to a shelter and they can tell you about the character of the bunny because they are already a little older. :) But if you really want a breed: French lops and Teddy Widders/ lops are very friendly. But there are so many breeds that are friendly, and it actually mostly depends on how you raise them. 

16yearsonearth: Mind taking a picture of them all together? xD it will be so cute

I wouldn’t mind, but the problem is that they live in three groups! I have two groups of four and one of two. Maybe that when I have some more time, I’ll take some photos of the groups (: (if they want to, because mostly there’s at least one bunny who doesn’t want me to have a cute pic of them together. :3)

I volunteer at a rabbit rescue and this little one eared cutie just came in and I’m going to adopt him. 
Just wanted to share because your blog is adorable and I’m excited
mustachedpiggeh: What kind if bunnies do you own?<3 I have a holland lop. :) he's my fluffy little baby<3

I have a lion head, two teddy widders/lops, and all the rest are breedless :) But I don’t care about their breed, as long as they are healthy and happy, I’m happy too! :D