A world of Bunnies
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It’s weird how you stop feeling sometimes. One of my little bunbuns died, again. In two years I lost four bunnies, all from the same parents. Probably something genetic. I have only one left now from this group together with its parents. I just don’t get it. I already have been to the vet and stuff but he doesn’t know either.
 Anyway, today my lovely Witje died. She was one of my favourites from the babies. She was born on 5 August 2011, so she was three years and a bit.
 I love you and together with you little brother and you parents I’ll miss you. Have fun there little, and tell you other sisters I miss them too. 
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~Cotton the Bunny
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old photo from when I first got Kiko.
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Rupurt the bunny. I got him a couple nights ago :)
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tell me a bedtime story.
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What a disapproving rabbit face you have today, Laela!
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My little Moo. Part Flemish Giant. Part Holland Lop. 100% love.
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Bunny’s Got Her Towel and Is Ready for the Beach!
Thanks, Melinda and bunny Maddy!
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Bunny Gets Close to Examine the Camera
Thanks, Lauren and bunny Winston Moustache!